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Celebrating over 45 years of Excellence in Dance!

The Veeteretz School prides itself on collaborative, volunteer efforts and is governed by a parent executive committee committed to Ukrainian heritage and fiscal responsibility. As a result, fund raising is of a limited nature.

Veeteretz offers several different levels of authentic Ukrainian dance and technique development from pre-beginner to adult. Each level promotes awareness of the art of Ukrainian culture through dance and individualized instruction. Believing that establishment of a solid foundation early in a dancer’s training is a primary, our syllabus is sequential as each year builds on the training of the prior level. The technique component of our classes follows the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus facilitated by instructors who are fluent in this particular ballet form. In addition, performances include regional dance variety, and often include character dances featuring dramatization and storylines.

"This year was my daughter's first year with Veeteretz and we can't say enough about how excellent our experience was! The quality of instruction, the organization, the costuming was all top knotch! We will be back next year and would recommend Veeteretz to everyone!"
Tracy - mother of Emerson (Zabava)

Dance Program

Approximate Age or Years of Dance Experience

Length of Dance Class

Molodi Tanchuristy (Pre –Beginners)

3 – 4 years old

0.75 hours per week


5 -6 years old

1.00 hour per  week


3-4 years of experience

1.00 hours per week


7-8 years of experience

1.50 hours per week


7-8 years of experience

2.00 hours per week

Vesnyanka/Senior Mixed

over 8 years of experience

2.25 hours per week


over 8 years of experience

2.25 hours per week


Little or no prior experience required

1.25 hours per week

Multi-aged/leveled Dance


Dependent on Dance

Veeteretz instructors are committed to providing dancers with opportunities to learn and celebrate Ukrainian Dance as an art form in a positive, encouraging environment. Consequently, creativity is fostered, the importance of practice and dedication is taught as a lifelong skill. In addition to building student confidence and self-esteem, our instructors are nurturing yet motivational in their teaching approach as they engage dancers to strive towards higher levels of dance achievement.

For additional information on the Veeteretz School of Ukrainian Dance season contact Gwen Hanke by email at veeteretz@gmail.com

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