The Veeteretz School of Ukrainian Dance

"I can not say enough about the level of excellence in teaching that my children have received at Veeteretz. The instructors aways made sure that my child understood what was expected and felt confident entering festivals and performances. The rented costumes and low tuition fees made it affordable for my limited budget. The environment in the classroom was always that of a family with expectations that each student reach his or her own potential and feel supported in the journey towards the achievement of excellence.
Carol - (Senior, Vesnyanka)"

Our goal at Veeteretz is that your costuming experience will be positive and stress free.

Our dance school is extremely pleased to provide all of our dancers with the use of our new regional costumes (from Hutzulshchyna, Transcarpathian, Volyn, Bukovyna, Lemko, Kuban, Poltava, & Polissia) which are designed exclusively for our dancers in Ukraine.

There are many advantages of the school owning these costumes instead of individual dancers. Advantages include:

* it promotes inclusivity for all, thereby saving a large amount of money for parents/families

* promotes savings in future costs by having access to a large inventory of sizes and regions

* allows for uniformity in costumes which can greatly enhance the overall professional appearance of the group on stage.

We are extremely proud of the vast array of costuming we have accumulated over time, and continually are adding to this collection.


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