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Celebrating over 45 years of Excellence in Dance!

The Veeteretz Dance Program - sets challenging yet realistic expectations for participants; explores Ukrainian culture; applies dance theory grounded in ballet fundamentals

The Teaching Staff - highly informed in authentic Ukrainian regional dance and techniques

The Educational Approach - encourages a growth mindset and individualized feedback within a fun and highly active environment . No prior dance knowledge needed, nor knowledge or fluency of the Ukrainian language

Our program promotes awareness of the art of Ukrainian Culture through dance and individualized instruction.


*  classes for all ages 3 to adult,

*  different levels of authentic Ukrainian dance and technie development,

*  sequential syllabus (each year builds on the training of the prior level), and

*  regional dance variety, and often character dances features dramatization and storylines.

Dance Program

Approximate Age or Years of Dance Experience

Length of Dance Class

Molodi Tanchuristy (Pre –Beginners)

3 – 4 years old

0.75 hours per week


5 -6 years old

1.00 hour per  week


3-4 years of experience

1.00 hours per week


7-8 years of experience

1.50 hours per week


7-8 years of experience

2.00 hours per week

Vesnyanka/Senior Mixed

over 8 years of experience

2.25 hours per week


over 8 years of experience

2.25 hours per week


Little or no prior experience required

2 hours per week

Multi-aged/leveled Dance


Dependent on Dance

Our parents say they value and appreciate the collaborative efforts of parent body, the executive administration team, and our instructors as they work together to provide a positive, supportive and encouraging atmosphere within the dance school program.

For additional information on the Veeteretz School of Ukrainian Dance season contact us by email at veeteretz@gmail.com

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