Katherine Pankiw

My name is Katherine Pankiw and I teach with the Veeteretz School of Ukrainian Dance with Gwen Hanke. I started dancing with Veeteretz when I was 3 years old until about 2 years ago. Although I was born in Canada, my first language was Ukrainian and I love going back to Ukraine to visit my family and experience my heritage. When I was 16 I joined Volya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. I love teaching with Veeteretz because Iíve learnt so much and had so many great dance experiences while making lifelong friends when I was younger. Going to competitions and bringing home gold was always an accomplishment. During my years with Veeteretz Iíve danced every region of Ukraine, Buko being my favourite. By teaching younger dancers I hope to pass on both, my knowledge and love for Ukrainian dance to my students.